Baby steps

I just had a fantastic meeting today with Suzanne and Julia, two other Drink & Draw Montréal contributors. We talked about the future of the site and I mentioned that I didn’t post very often because each of my post is such a laborious process that it takes ages to come to fruition and involves much procrastination and stalling. I have known that I was stalling for a long time, but the discussion we had validated my feelings (and my choice of topics) and I decided to write smaller articles more often and it would increase my output.

Of course, I didn’t come up with that idea. That’s where the expression Baby Steps comes from. The thing is, often we don’t notice how much we are stalling while we are stalling. We are procrastinating because a task seems too arduous and it’s just easier and less scary to do something else. It’s the reason you hear about people trying to do a novel, but never finishing it, but you rarely hear about people trying to do a short story but never finishing it. It’s much easier to do a short story, so chances are you will finish, even if it’s rubbish.

The same can be said of anything, making art, packing for a move, doing our taxes. It seems so big and complicated that we push it back and never do it. I have been doing that with my writing for DnD. But our meeting gave me plenty of ideas of articles that shouldn’t be agony to write, so expect more in the near future. And we are planning on putting the drinking back into Drink and Draw, so expect more of that as well!

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