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It’s like being then

It was recently brought to my attention that while I did some storyboards in the past, I did not currently have any in my portfolio. I had done them while working for a studio and did not have copies. And it had in fact been so long since I did any storyboards that the old ones I did could not have reflected my current skills anyways.

So I decided to storyboard a short ad. But the thing when you can do anything you want is, it’s sometimes harder to pick what to do than it is to do it. I had dinosaurs on the mind because I did the storyboard shortly before we left for Connecticut to visit the Dinotopia Exhibition at the Lyman Allyn museum in New London (until February 2013!)

The result, an ad for a 3D dinosaur attraction. I had to remind myself to not bring each frame to a smooth finish just like an illustration. Storyboards should be way rougher than finished illos.

So if you need storyboards done, just contact me.