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To make the time speed past

If you are like me, sometimes your spend well over 12 hours a day in front of your computer. Lately, it’s been animating in Flash all day and then painting in photoshop all night. And while these are enjoyable, there’s a part of the brain that remains unused and that part can become restless. The question becomes, how to keep that side busy? If there aer coworkers and they do that kind of work you do, banter is fine and usually doesn’t interfere with work too much. But what if you are at home, or your coworkers don’t have that bit of their brains available just now. I like podcasts and audiobooks, and I go through them like a hot knife through butter.

I thought some of you guys might want to check out what I listen to, to fill up your own long hours in the studio.

  • http://www.podiobooks.com/ free audiobooks, serialised. You can listen to an unfinished book and receive the different parts as they become available, but you can also search only for finished books. I discovered that site through that compilation Fresh Kills a bunch of grisly short stories. Usually the narrators are quite decent, almost professional.
  • Librivox is also filled with free audiobooks, in this case, works from the public domain read by volunteers. Sometimes the volunteers are quite bad, sometimes very good, and sometimes each chapter was read by a different person. Still, it’s free and full of classics in many languages. If you understand French, I highly recommend Honoré Beaugrand’s Chasse-Galerie series, it’s highly entertaining.
  • http://www.audible.com/ it’s far from free, but I have a membership and I think it’s well worth it. It’s like Amazon for audiobooks, they have many different publishers.  I enjoy listening to my favorite books and authors and some of the narrators are spectacular. I was also able to cajole my boyfriend into listening to some of them in the car. So far it’s a success.
  • iTunes, so many podcasts, so little time. I enjoy almost everything put out by HowStuffWorks.com (especially Stuff Mom never told you and Stuff you missed in History class)  I like MonsterTalk, Scientific American podcasts, Fora.tv, TED talks and those I already talked about in my Friends with podcasts post.

How about you, my readers, what do you do to make time speed faster?


C'est parti!

Bienvenue sur L’Album! Il s’agit d’un petit blog collectif afin de montrer nos progrès. Pas trop de blabla, beaucoup d’images!

Pour briser la glace, voici une étude PS pour une peinture en cours.