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I noticed yesterday that I’m way behind in posting finished paintings. This is a commission I completed in mid-December, the clients wanted it in their living room for the holidays. This painting involved more steps than my usual work, so I thought I’d post some process pictures.

I started by discussing with my clients about what they were looking for, we looked at some of my previous paintings and it turns out that they liked one angel especially and they wanted a painting in a landscape orientation. Well, I had taken photographs of that angel from many angles and I was able to do a new painting of it that would still differ from the previous one. So my first step was to cut out the statue from the photograph and to try out graphic designs in Photoshop. I tried many other designs, but these are the ones that I sent the clients.

J’ai remarqué hier que j’ai beaucoup de retard pour partager mes toiles finies. Ceci est une commande que j’ai complétée à la mi-décembre. Mes clients la voulait pour le temps des fêtes. Cette peinture a plus d’étape que mon travail précédent alors j’ai pensé que ça serait une bonne idée de montrer des images de progression.

J’ai commencé par discuter avec mes clients pour comprendre ce qu’ils recherchaient. Je leur ai envoyé des images de toiles précédentes et ils aimaient un ange en particulier et voulaient la toile en orientation paysage. Comme j’avais plusieurs photos de références de cet ange sous des angles différents, j’ai pu faire une nouvelle peinture qui serait différente de celle qui était déjà vendue mais qui leur plairait. Ma première étape a été de faire quelques montages dans photoshop et de leur envoyer. J’ai fait plus d’essais que ça, mais ce sont celles que j’ai envoyés aux clients.

Roughs in Photoshop

Roughs in Photoshop, the second one is inspired by the Saturday Evening Post graphic design. – Ébauches dans Photoshop, la deuxième est inspirée par le design des couvertures du Saturday Evening Post.

They liked the second one but they thought it left a large empty space in the bottom right. So I moved the character to the right and added the mountains and we were all happy with the composition. I printed out the design and assembled it.

Mes clients aimaient la deuxième option mais ils trouvaient que ça laissait un grand espace vide. J’ai déplacé le personnage vers la droite et ajouté des montagnes et nous étions tous contents de la composition. J’ai imprimé et assemblé le dessin.

4 sheets of paper and some scotch tape.

4 sheets of paper and some tape. – 4 feuille de papier et du ruban adhésif.

I transferred just enough lines to be able to mask the mountains accurately. Then I used torn paper to stencil them in with spray varnish.

J’ai transférer juste assez de lignes pour pouvoir masquer les montagnes précisément. J’ai ensuite utilisé du papier déchiré comme stencil et du vernis en aérosol pour le motif.


Masking. – Masque

The mountains.

The mountains.- Les montagnes.

Then, I transferred the graphic lines and painted them. The step after that, when the paint from the lines was thoroughly dry was to mask everything but the inside of the design and spray the pattern, again with varnish.

Ensuite, j’ai transférer le design graphique et j’ai peint les lignes. L’étape suivant, quand les lignes peintes étaient complétement sèches a été de tout masquer sauf l’intérieur du design et de vaporiser le motif avec du vernis.

My stencil was smaller than the zone to paint so some parts are blurry to hide the raccord.

My stencil was smaller than the zone to paint so some parts are blurry to hide the joint. – Le stencil était plus petit que la zone à peindre alors certaines jonctions sont floues.

Then I transferred the character and proceeded to paint her. First the dark color – ultramarine blue – then the light – unbleached titanium.

J’ai ensuite transféré le personnage et je l’ai peinte. La couleurs foncée -bleu outremer – en premier et ensuite le pâle (titane écru.)

Some of the darks are done here.

Some of the darks are done here. – On voit ici le commencement du foncé.

This is a medium that doesn’t allow correction. I can’t overlap light and dark colors and I use the background as a midtone. Acrylic dries very fast so I have only a few seconds to wipe off any mistake. Because of that I work with paint thinned with medium and built up my tones with very thin glazes, starting with the very darkest areas and painting larger and larger zones of transparent colors.

Cette méthode ne permet pas de faire des corrections. Je ne peux pas superposer les peintures pâles et foncées et j’utilise le brun du fond comme ton moyen. L’acrylique sèche très vite alors je n’ai que quelques secondes pour essuyer une erreur. À cause de cela, je dilue ma peinture avec du médium et je pose plusieurs glacis très minces et transparents en commençant par les endroits les plus foncés et en étendant dans des zones de plus en plus larges.

This is the finished piece. 24"x18" acrylics on masonite.

This is the finished piece. 24″x18″ acrylics on masonite. – Voici l’oeuvre finie. 24″x18″ acrylique sur masonite.

I kept the tight render around her face and left hand and the folds of her dress more simple and geometric. I was influenced by J.C. Leyendecker for the dress and even used hatching for some of the shading.

J’ai gardé le rendu précis autour du visage et de la main gauche et j’ai fait les plis de sa robe plus simples et géométriques. J’ai été influencée par J.C. Leyendecker pour la robe et j’ai même hachuré certaines ombres.

Close-up of the Leyendecker folds

Close-up of the Leyendecker folds – Gros plan des plis à l’influence Leyendecker.

The last step was varnish. I only varnished areas covered with paint because if I covered areas with varnished motifs, the patterns would disappear. We would lose the tapestry pattern and the mountains. So I’m precise in my application and I use regular gloss acrylic varnish.

I’m happy with how that commission turned out and so are my clients.

I hope this post was useful to you, if you have any questions about the process or how to commission your own painting, you can contact me at chantal (at) chantalfournier (dot) com.

La dernière étape était de vernir. J’ai seulement vernis les endroits couverts de peinture sinon les montagnes et autres motifs auraient disparus. Alors je doit faire une application précise. J’utilise un vernis acrylique brillant normal.

Je suis contente de la façon que la commende s’est passée et mes clients aussi.

J’espère que cet article vous a été utile, si vous avez des questions sur le processus ou pour commander votre propre peinture, vous pouvez me contacter à  chantal (acommercial) chantalfournier (point) com.


Conventional wisdom: Lessons from Con*Cept

I can be honest about it: I’m not a veteran of conventions.  Con*cept was my first convention as a panelist and as an exhibitor. I signed up at the last minute  because I learned about it at the last minute and had to make up for lost time by working very hard. I also got the last spot open for a panel which means I was scheduled at 11pm on Saturday. The good news is there was only one panel at the same time, and it got cancelled. I learned about Con*cept at the last minute, which means I didn’t do that much research before signing up. You can imagine my surprised when I got there and found out we were only 4 in the art show. Con*cept is entirely run by volunteers and the last few years have been rough and the art show head was missing or something. So yeah, something to check for next time.

On the other hand, a surprising number of people attended my panel, given the size of the con and the time it was scheduled at. I had a great time  explaining the process of producing commissioned art and then I gave a painting in photoshop crash course. I got very good questions and the attendance were nice and curious. I also got good comments from the people visiting the art show (it didn’t take them very long!) The good thing was that the prints table was manned by volunteers and that left me free to attend some panels so that made up for the fact that I didn’t break even vs my costs for attending the con. The other thing that made it worth it was the people I met. I attend the IMC and Illuxcon and forums and that means that most of my art friends are in the states or overseas, now I got to meet local artists, at last.  One of the artists I met was EveChat and we are going to team up on up coming local conventions together. I’ll post about it here as soon as everything is official.

So I don’t regret attending Con*cept but I will check my expectations next time.

I premiered Le Fantôme de la Liberté at the Con*cept art show.


Le Fantôme de la Liberté, Work in progress

Here are some progress shots of my new paintings I’m calling le Fantôme de la Liberté, after a Luis Bunuel movie. That statue is on the back of the Edward VII monument (the same monument from the painting of Edward VII wearing a seagull on his head) and according to wikipedia, it represents the winged genie of freedom, showing royalty breaking away from religious persecution.

The dark mandala like pattern is actually clear glossy varnished sprayed on the unprimed massonite using a stencil I got in a craft store. I stole that idea from the always awesome Scott M Fischer who has been doing fantastically textured work lately. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s on his website quite yet.

And Sylvain took some pictures of me working tonite.

With my awesome cow spot apron!

First outdoors drawing of the season.

The weather today was glorious. Of course I had to work but I carved a bit of time to go draw in Square Phillips. The scanner washes it out a little, but it’s a good idea of what I drew. There is a huge monument to “le Roi Pacificateur” I don’t know who that is. It’s surrounded by many impressive bonzes. One of them this angel breaking a chain. I’m looking forward to many other lunchtimes drawing downtown this summer.

Fun day at the cemetery

I have been painting a lot lately, as I’m preparing to exhibit at Les Katacombes in June.  So I was in need of some new references and today was a perfect day for a shooting at Notre-Dame des Neiges cemetery. It was windy and there was still quite a bit of snow, but the good news was that I could walk on top of the hardened snow in most places.

Here are a few of the funniest monuments I was able to shoot.


An angel digging for gold, he didn't see us, I guess.

Jesus and Mary giving away bling with a pic of Elvis, oh, and Jesus is wearing a cross, how is that for disturbing...

Right out of the shower, still naked with a shower cap, sexy...

Uhoh, forgot my deo...

That's what Jesus would have looked like if he'd come back from the dead a few weeks later...

Holy family photo at Sears studio

Our only theory is that this is someone who died asphyxiated by a plastic bag (oh, and they don't have a butt crack!)

And there is no better way to end this than with a facepalm.



Another statue on Masonite. This one is based on a monument at St-Charles cemetery in Québec. She was pretty hot, which is rare, most angels in graveyards are quite androgynous, she’s one of only two angels in the pictures I have taken so far endowed with boobs (the other one is pretty demure and his holding a bunny in her arms.) Expect to see more from her, from other angles.

The lily  was inspired by Alfons Mucha’s work.

Acrylics  (ultramarine and unbleached titanium) on Masonite, 16×20.

L'ange de la Baie

J’ai passé la fin de semaine au chalet de mon oncle, et j’en ai profité pour faire un peu de peinture. J’ai étreiné la boite chevalet que j’ai eu pour Noël (il était temps) et j’ai essayé les acryliques Golden Open que mon amie Angela m’avait recommendées. Elles sèchent quand même vite, mais elles se mélangent bien mieux que de l’acrylique ordinaire.

Red oxide et unbleached titanium sur  massonite non préparé (pas de gesso ou d’aprêt) 9″x12″ , d’après une photo que j’ai prise dans un cimetierre à ville de LaBaie l’été passé.

Quelle excellente installation, avec la palette sur ma glacière.

Pas encore fini

Maintenant c’est fini, mais les couleurs ressembles un peu plus à celle sur la photo précédente, on dirait que mon nouveau scanner n’aime pas le massonite.  Je vais devoir prendre une meilleurs photo quand il fera clair!