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A Very Boov Smekday Coloring Mandala

I have been looking at my Smekday reference file a lot lately, and using Manga Studio. I’m overly fond of the symmetry ruler in Manga Studio so I jump on any excuses to use it. Since it’s soon to be Smekday, I tought a little coloring page would be in order. This Boov is strongly inspired by Sound-of-a-Crying-Baby-Riding-a-Duck, the first Boov to have touched a tree (and died of asphyxiation) along with a long-eared koobish and other holiday items.

In case any of my readers are not aware, The True Meaning of Smekday is a novel written and illustrated by Adam Rex. I was lucky enough to meet Adam when he was faculty at the IMC. The book is very funny, so if you haven’t read it yet, this is the perfect time to pick it up.

This should print nicely on a letter sized page.

This should print nicely on a letter sized page.

Please note that this is fan art and is not in any way affiliated with Adam even if he’s a very nice guy.


Line art and ghouls

Since this winter, I have worked on and off on a series of Illustrations for Adventures Dark and Deep, an old school reimagining of what Donjons and Dragons could have been if it had evolved differently, inspired by Gary Gagax’s writings.

The images had to be very simple line art, almost like coloring books, because we had to cram a lot of information in very small spaces. Here are my 3 favorites of the bunch. They were all sketched and inked in Manga Studio EX 4.0 I’m very fond of its drawing tools.

What? You think it's too dangerous? But here is what I thought I would pay you....

What? You think it’s too dangerous? But here is what I thought I would pay you….

The amulet doesn't stop them from stinking, but at least now they follow instructions.

The amulet doesn’t stop them from stinking, but at least now they follow instructions.

You attack me with wasps?!?!

You attack me with wasps?!?! You fool.

Anteaters all around

Here’s another coloring mandala to go along with my Manga Studio symmetry ruler infatuation. This time it’s anteaters everywhere! Because I hadn’t drawn anteaters in such a long time.


Under the sea

Here is something I did in a few minutes on Manga Studio while I was waiting for Photoshop to be done crashing and recovering. I’m very fond of the symmetry ruler function and I have taken to doodling little mandala. So here’s a fishy coloring page. It’s a big file but it should print fine on letter format!


Djala in cold weather.

Here’s a fun little concept. A cold weather outfit for a djala. Djalas are miniature people who live in the south of Creation in the Exalted world by White Wolf publishing. They are tiny, bald and have spots, earning them the moniker “panda people”.

What happens when art is commissioned?

I’m still recovering from spending the weekend at Con*cept in Montreal. I was in the art show and I was giving a presentation, Saturday at 11PM! I think it went great, and I was pleasantly surprised by the number of con goers who turned up at that time. I started by explaining what happens when art is commissioned and then went into a small digital painting in Photoshop demo.

I thought it might interest you guys as well. My example is a piece I did recently for Chris Griesinger of Architect Games  who graciously let me use it. It’s for a post-apocalyptic game called Reclamation and the kickstarter page is here.

So Chris sent me an e-mail with his description for the image, basically a horizontal half page to illustrate visibility penalties. A woman in the dark holding out a lighter, we can see that there is some kind of monster with her, but she can’t see it. The woman is an adult and she has fairly regular survivor clothing.

Armed with this description, I did a bunch of thumbnails, vaguely to scale. I took my two favorite ones and sent them to Chris.

Chris picked Thumb A and he asked me to make the foot print a human one and the monster into a ragged human with a knife. He felt A was more dreadful than B which has more monsters but less suspense.

The next step was to take reference pictures to match reference A. This was on a short deadline but didn’t require too much acrobatics, so I asked my boyfriend to take pics of me for the woman, and I took pics of him for the monster.

Me kneeling in the lobby with a lightbulb.

Me kneeling in the lobby with a lightbulb.

Sylvain with a knife and my hand, holding a lighter rather than a lightbulb.

Armed with my references I started working, on a charcoal background and using the right proportions at 300 dpi. At some point I sent the image to Chris and he asked me to spread the foot prints wider apart and to add a 3rd one. I agree that it looks better.

Progress shots

And the finished image that I delivered. Note the proper hand placement on this one. Sometimes the art director might have corrections after that, but in this case Chris was happy with it and approved it right away.

Tiny dancer in my hand

Upside down

C’est fini! Il faut que je passe à autre chose.

C’est une pièce promo que j’ai fait parce que je n’avais rien de cyberpunk/sci-fi dans mon portfolio. C’est inspiré de Shadowrun et d’autres jeux du genre. On voit pas mais il y a un écran avec la face de la fille écrit “Wanted” et une annonce de Qitsuné’s dance club sur les buildings en arrière. Photoshop.