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Manse of the Lazy Bend

These are a few concepts for a building. It’s a secret tower located in a remote mountainy area and it’s at the junction of several lay lines of energy. The bottom levels are mundane installations that allow a small group of people to live there and the last levels comprise a library and the hearth, where the magic essence is concentrated.

It’s called the Manse of the Lazy Bend due to the lazy river flowing next to it, bending and snaking its way around the spectacular rock formations of the area.

Cut out view of the main part of the Manse

Cut out view of the main part of the Manse

Elevation view of the Manse

Elevation view of the Manse

Floor plan of the Manse

Floor plan of the Manse


Here’s a new concept I did. It’s based on a character of one of my players in the Exalted game I run. Photoshop.

Character sheet

Moon Papa Nuit, Zenith cast Solar Exalted.

47 face paints

Here is a little something I did during some down time. 47 different designs for face paint. There isn’t a reason for the number, it’s just how much space I had one that page and a half of sketchbook. At some point I thought I had everything possible if you stay with large bold designs, but then I kept finding new ones! I’m sure I could do 47 new ones!

Fun with helmets

Things have been very slow at work, but apparently that’s about to change. But just because they are slow, it doesn’t mean that I just sat there and did nothing. I do studies and sketches, study Bridgeman and perspective and try to stay sharp. And this week I designed some helmets. I started with about 20-25 line drawings and then I picked my favorites and rendered them. I didn’t have any criteria other than try and make them cool and not historically accurate.

I have friends with blogs – part 1


I have loads of friends who are amazing artists and who have blogs, I’m going to start posting them here. If I didn’t post yours yet, maybe it’s coming soon! But you can write to me to be sure I know you have one! So I’m starting with a special Quebec City edition (I know I’m forgetting some other Quebec friends no worries!)


There is Guillaume Menuel, whom I used to work with at Ubi in Quebec City. I’m lucky enough to have won one of Guillaume’s paintings at an auction for United Ways at work. It’s this one and it’s fantastic.

There is Angela Hardy who paints, mostly portraits, who are often funny and always beautiful.

There is Grant Hillier, another former coworker. And he should post more because his work is gritty and  amazing.

There is Vanessa Robitaille Delisle who does a lot of sushi related work and cute cartoony characters, amongst other things.

CA.org educational videos

I have mentionned ConceptArt.org here in the past and how it’s a huge community of artists.  I have also mentioned that I had a Shawn Barber dvd published by Conceptart. Unfortunately, the shipping for the dvd’s were quite expensive for international customers. Fortunately, that is no longer a problem since the content of the dvd’s and additional educational material is now available for download.  It has been for a while but there is new stuff coming out all the time like the new ZhangLy/Manley title.

I bought 7 of them last week (on top of the 2 dvd’s I already had) and it was worth every penny. Check them out!

Conceptart/MassiveBlack store

Conceptart Youtube channel (for trailers and samplers)