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Conventional wisdom: Lessons from Con*Cept

I can be honest about it: I’m not a veteran of conventions.  Con*cept was my first convention as a panelist and as an exhibitor. I signed up at the last minute  because I learned about it at the last minute and had to make up for lost time by working very hard. I also got the last spot open for a panel which means I was scheduled at 11pm on Saturday. The good news is there was only one panel at the same time, and it got cancelled. I learned about Con*cept at the last minute, which means I didn’t do that much research before signing up. You can imagine my surprised when I got there and found out we were only 4 in the art show. Con*cept is entirely run by volunteers and the last few years have been rough and the art show head was missing or something. So yeah, something to check for next time.

On the other hand, a surprising number of people attended my panel, given the size of the con and the time it was scheduled at. I had a great time  explaining the process of producing commissioned art and then I gave a painting in photoshop crash course. I got very good questions and the attendance were nice and curious. I also got good comments from the people visiting the art show (it didn’t take them very long!) The good thing was that the prints table was manned by volunteers and that left me free to attend some panels so that made up for the fact that I didn’t break even vs my costs for attending the con. The other thing that made it worth it was the people I met. I attend the IMC and Illuxcon and forums and that means that most of my art friends are in the states or overseas, now I got to meet local artists, at last.  One of the artists I met was EveChat and we are going to team up on up coming local conventions together. I’ll post about it here as soon as everything is official.

So I don’t regret attending Con*cept but I will check my expectations next time.

I premiered Le Fantôme de la Liberté at the Con*cept art show.