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A visit to Charlottetown

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Prince-Edward-Island for the first time. It was a lucky thing, my boyfriend was going there for work and I was able to tag along. It being october, a lot of the tourist attractions were closed, but fortunately, there were still a few cruise ships dropping by and some tourists at the hotel so some places were still open. The weather was quite good for the season too, we got almost no rain.

I took some of my time there to paint. I walked around a lot, scouting for good places to paint. On my second day, I chose to paint the cruise ship  and the Cows ice cream shop. Now, Cows is a big deal in PEI, they even have a big plastic Cows cow in the Charlottetown airport. I also traveled to The Port La Joye-Fort Amherst historical location. It was closed but the trails were still accessible. It was much bigger than I expected and I kept thinking I’d find a better spot just a little further. In the end I didn’t take time to paint as it took me long enough to trek around the park lugging my easel and paint around that I didn’t feel like going back to the good spots.

I also got to paint St-Dunstan’s Basilica, but boy did I freeze my arse (and feet, and fingers, and face.)

All in all, it was a great trip, the food was amazing (Fish and chips!) and the people were super friendly. I even found a comic book store where a lady spun local wool she got from one of her customers and sold the result. Comics and homespun is not a mix one expects, but since some warn geeks are as rabid as comic fans, it’s a good match.

It was my first time traveling somewhere with the goal being to get some painting done so I learned some lessons: If you find a good spot and the light is good and the weather allows, paint it RIGHT NOW. Don’t wait, tomorrow it might rain, or there might be a funeral at the church you want to paint, or you might not have time. Also, find a way to not have to carry everything in your hands, it’s a pain when you just want to take a picture or even zip up your coat.