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Access to MBAM’s permanent collections is no longer free

Header of Hornestein pavillion of MBAM

Access to MBAM’s permanent collections is no longer free if you are over 30 (why 30? Beats me), and that makes me sad. I know that the MBAM is a fantastic museum and that we have been lucky to have free had access for so long. But I am still sad.

Fine art intimidates many people, they are afraid they aren’t going to get it, they are afraid that others will know they aren’t going to get it. Free entry was a risk free way for me to initiate neophytes to art and it’s a resource that will be harder to access.

There will still be time for free access. Here is the information:

The Collections and Discovery Exhibitions

Ticket grants access to the whole Museum, except for the Major Exhibitions

Ages 31 and up: $12
Ages 30 and under: Free
VIP members: Free

Access to the Collections and Discovery Exhibitions is free for:

• All those who purchase a ticket to a Major Exhibitions
• People aged 30 and under
• Ages 65 and up every Thursday
• The General public: the last Sunday of every month
• The General public during the Holiday season – December 26 to January 2 and Spring Break.
• Art teachers and their students (upon presentation of their school card)
• All holders of membership cards from our cultural partners will enjoy the same discounts as applicable to admission to Major Exhibitions.

As always, you can find more on the Musée des Beaux Arts de Montréal’s website.

Urban sketchers at MBAM

Being in Québec, we don’t have the same freedom as other Urban Sketchers’ chapters. No painting outside in the winter for us (especially not THIS winter.) The organizers have to be creative and to find indoor places that will allow us to roam and draw stuff. One such place is Musée des Beaux Arts de Montréal.

I was super lucky, I started wandering by myself and ended up in the Napoléon exhibition, and there, at the end, was the room with the round windows, a majestic marble Napoléon bust, and a drawing horse. I snagged the horse and set up.