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Art geeks

When people think of geeks, they often think about people who play video games, read comic books and wear thick glasses. Even though being geek is now more mainstream and some people revel in telling everyone that they are geeks, the stereotypes haven’t changed that much.

That said, there are people who are geeks about anything. Firearms geeks, politic geeks, medieval music geeks. Art geeks.

And it’s so hard to find some types of geeks. Like art geeks. One of the biggest joy of going to events like Illuxcon and the Illustration Master Class is to hang out with art geeks. I really miss this when I’m home and it was one of my motivations for joining DrinkAndDrawMtl. You learn a lot from other artists, you can get contacts, tips, critiques, hear about good supply stores and discover new artists, but mostly it’s fun and motivating.

So if you are an art geek, speak up! If you are in Montreal, contact me! If not, start your own art geek gatherings!


I can do that, why didn’t they pick me?

Do you ever get that? You see someone announcing that they are working on something cool, or maybe you see a product come out and the art that’s in it and  you think:”I could have done that.” Maybe jealousy even grips you and you tell yourself that you could have done better. And why did that client chose that guy over you. Oh wait, maybe it’s because you never sent that client any sample. Maybe they just never heard about you. No matter how good you are, some who doesn’t know you exist can’t give you a job.

So get out there and show them how good you are!

I have friends with blogs – part 4

I met  many cool artists at Illuxcon. The subjects of today’s post I met more precisely, at le Bistro cafe where a bunch of us had an impromptu dinner together on Friday night.

Chelsea Conlin has her own blog where she posts all kinds of cool sketches and studies. However she is also involved with the iloverescueanimals.org site where she handles a regular column, Shelter sketches. She features an animal looking for a home in a sketch on a regular basis. Great promotion and great cause!

Meli Hitchcock has a blog here, and she paints very happy wolves! She also has a piece with nuns and demons that was thoroughly critiqued on Ninja Mountain.

Beth Trott doesn’t look like she has a blog, or if she does, it doesn’t seem to be linked anywhere. I don’t know which is worse. But she has a website with lovely watercolor work.

So far, it looks like happy animals were the theme of the dinner! But then Matt Sullivan who was sitting at the next table joined us. He does cartoony comics but not really happy animals.

And well, Drew Baker and me had been sitting at the table all along and we don’t really do happy animals. I meantioned Drew in my Friends with Podcasts post.

Local networking


For a long time I have wanted to do a post about local networking. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at local networking and haven’t had that much success in finding freelance work locally compared to the work I have found over the net. However the work that I HAVE found locally has proven to be more long term.  I also did meet some very interesting people, even if they haven’t given me work.

So, where did I try the whole networking thing?

My local IGDA chapter, which at the time was Montreal. It can be hard to meet new people, so once you do, make sure they introduce you to the ones they know! I got a contract from there, which lasted around 6 months, not bad! However, depending on where your chapter is located, the attendees can be almost 100% game designers and programmers at big companies who are there for the beer. Some chapters have more indie attendence.  If you have a membership to the IGDA, don’t be shy about volunteering, helping out at events can  be instructive and I met neat people when I helped animate some round tables.

MIGS (Montreal international game summit) I was a volunteer there because being a part-time freelancer, I could not afford or justify paying to go to MIGS. Fortunately, I met MIGS’s organiser at the IGDA roundtable and he suggested I go as a volunteer. So I got to see the lecures I was most interested in and met a few people. But if you go there to network with the other volunteers, you will mostly meet students.

My local sketchgroup (Quebec city Drink & Draw) nice people there! I’m not looking for freelance work anymore and I don’t think I would find any if that’s what I was interested in. But I did meet great artists and people who are interested in all kinds of art projects. Fun stuff! I’m sure I would have met neat artists in other social sketchgroups I have been to if I had attended with any kind of regularity. Dr.Sketchy for exemple. My local life drawing sessions were not big on networking however, and mostly attended by retired  hobbyists.

What experience have YOU had at local networking? How did it go?