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Montreal Comic Con 2011

It’s been a full week since my visit to Montreal Comic Con. It’s enough time that I hope the worse of the frustration has had time to settle a little. I say that because it was not the best of experiences. It was only my third visit to a convention, the first having been Illuxcon 2010 in Altoona Pennsylvania and the second having been the Montreal Mini Comic Con in december 2010. Illuxcon was all kinds of awesome and I have written about it at length. The mini con was pretty nice, it was small, I got to talk with artists who had tables, to look at everything I wanted to see, to attend very lame amateur wrestling matches and I generally had a good time.

Now, the real Montreal Comic Con, they kept announcing new guests, and hyping the batmobile and the Back to the Future DeLorean. Stan Lee! Adam west! Burt Ward! And plenty of entertainment celebrities I had never heard of. There was a lot of advertisement and it promised to be a big event. Now, I’m not a big fan of american style comics, I don’t really care for superheroes and I hardly watch any t.v. so that wasn’t my draw to go there. I wanted to see if it would be worth my while to get a table there next year.

I managed to convince my boyfriend to come with me because I wanted a second opinion on business oriented stuff. He wasn’t too keen on it, but in the end he decided to come. I bought the tickets online and we went there around 1h30 on the Saturday. Big mistake, it was crowded and everyone was confused, the logistics was lame and there were cues all over the place. Was had to wait in line for 1.5 hours to get in. Once in, it was so crowded that it was not always possible to go in the direction you wanted. There were so many people in front of some tables that we could not even see whose table it was. All in all it was a pain, I managed to talk to some artists who had useful insight, and we did see some cool stuff, most notably the preview that La Gallery had of their new Pin Up show. We didn’t stay very long and my thought was: I never want to go there again, my boyfriend concurs. The Comic Con organization did apologize on Facebook, but it would take very good reasons for me to set foot there again.

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