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Throwback Thursday – ICE Age

I got very lucky with my very first videogame job. I was hired straight out of school by a small company called ICE Multimedia that was located in Ste-Adele, north of Montreal. I worked on 8 kids games that got published while I was there and 4 more that got canned. I had no 2D art education, having just finished a diploma in 3D art. I had to teach myself animation and a lot more. Here are a few samples of work I did there. Those were team work, so I picked screens where I did a significant amount of work, but bits and bobs were done by other people. These were all done between 2000 and 2002.

The solar system screen in Land f the Magic Stones 2.

The solar system screen in Land f the Magic Stones 2.

Music making screen in Adiboo presents: Drawing

Music making screen in Adiboo presents: Drawing

The drawing activity from Adiboo presents: Cooking I worked on the background, the design and animation of the characters and some interface stuff.

The drawing activity from Adiboo presents: Cooking I worked on the background, the design and animation of the characters and some interface stuff.

Throwback Thursday – Volleyball

In 2003, I worked for a very small company called Fugitive Interactive on their first game. When I started working there, there was an artist and two programmers and no design doc. All we knew what that¬† we were working on a beach volleyball game on Pocket PC (yep, it’s that old.) Back then I had just two and half years experience in the gaming industry, but that was still more than all the others together (who had a total of 0 years of experience.)

So I started to create an art bible, wrote the specs and documentation, tried to manage the staff. It wasn’t easy and we had to let the artist go because he wanted to work on paper and have me scan everything. Imagine my surprise when I got started and he gave me the animations as a stack on index cards. Oh, and he refused to do anything other than manga style. In the end, I did all the art myself, we had to change programmers a few times but the game came out. We even worked on another game after that.

So for this Throwback Thursday, here are a few screenshots from the game that I put in my portfolio after that. I’m a bit embarrassed by them today, but it could have been worse.

Don’t be a zombie

I wanted to have a few more storyboard samples. I think I was influenced by Warm Bodies which saw in theatre this weekend. Well, don’t be a zombie, use medicine!

Don't be a zombie, take your medicine.

Don’t be a zombie, take your medicine.

Holidays Santa Style.

I’d like to wish all of my readers a wonderful Holiday time.¬† And no matter what you celebrate, do it in style!

Oppa is Gangnam style, Gangnam style.

Oppa is Gangnam style, Gangnam style.

It’s like being then

It was recently brought to my attention that while I did some storyboards in the past, I did not currently have any in my portfolio. I had done them while working for a studio and did not have copies. And it had in fact been so long since I did any storyboards that the old ones I did could not have reflected my current skills anyways.

So I decided to storyboard a short ad. But the thing when you can do anything you want is, it’s sometimes harder to pick what to do than it is to do it. I had dinosaurs on the mind because I did the storyboard shortly before we left for Connecticut to visit the Dinotopia Exhibition at the Lyman Allyn museum in New London (until February 2013!)

The result, an ad for a 3D dinosaur attraction. I had to remind myself to not bring each frame to a smooth finish just like an illustration. Storyboards should be way rougher than finished illos.

So if you need storyboards done, just contact me.


Here’s a new concept I did. It’s based on a character of one of my players in the Exalted game I run. Photoshop.

Character sheet

Moon Papa Nuit, Zenith cast Solar Exalted.

Why making vector shapes in Photoshop is useful and how to do it.

I have been in the game industry since 2000 and while most 2d art positions I have seen require knowledge of Illustrator, in these 12 years I have had to use it exactly once.

This is not to say that the ability to create vectorial assets is not important. But it happens that I have usually relied on Flash or Photoshop to do it. It’s more simple and easier to integrate in the final product (the game.) I realize that knowledge of the vector tools in Photoshop is not that widespread and that’s why I filmed this small tutorial to get you started. There are many other possibilities, and they are yours to discover.

I hope this helps. Unfortunately, my Photoshop is in French, so maybe I’m not using the exact same names as in English.

The Cook, an art test

By now, pretty much everyone has heard of the upcoming 5th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons. In preparation for it, Jon Schindehette has held a challenge on his site The Art Order, mirroring a call for artwork on the Wizards of the Coast website. I decided to jump in and I picked the Cook character. Here she is, along with a turn-around and some steps.

I don’t have anything to add regarding big knives and sausages.

Pretty from all angles.

And a little step by step.

Here it is.