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Sneaky Zoltara.

Over a year ago, I posted a turn-around for a woman called Zoltara. She’s inspired by the character played by one of my friends in an Exalted game. I changed her around a bit to make her fit better for the universe and turn her into a portfolio piece. I just finished a new piece with her (hiding and spying, it seems that’s what Night Castes do.) And I discovered that I never posted her completed character sheet. So here they are.

Turn -around for Zoltara

Turn -around for Zoltara

Zoltara being sneaky.

Zoltara being sneaky.



A great market study on Kickstarter success.

Kickstarter is more popular than ever and artists and writers discover that their dream of publishing their work is only a succesful crowd funding campaign away.

I found this report in 3 parts that contains very detailed statistics on past Kickstarter campaigns in the Pen&Paper RPG niche. Even if it’s not the niche you are looking at, it’s worth a look to see the methodology used and how you could do your own market research.

Part 1: The Big Picture
Part 2: The Drilling Down
Part 3: Observations

It gives very good guidelines to structuring your price points and rewards and what can make or break your Kickstarter campaign.

Good luck!